Special meeting of Al-Massira newspaper with the Acting Executive Director of Martyrs Foundation Mr. Hussein Al-Qadi

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

Side addresses:

▪️ Our leaders are the first martyrs in this march and Mr. Abdul Malik ,may God protect him, is a brother of five martyrs.

▪️ Activists who target the foundation will not degrade or descend from the martyrs and will not be more careful than Mr. Leader.

▪️ Approximately one billion and six hundred million riyals ,the total of the salaries of families of martyrs, is spent monthly for 40 thousand targets.

Mr. Hussein Al-Qadi, Acting Executive Director of the Martyrs Foundation in an exclusive interview with Al-Masirah Newspaper

We in the foundation do not move according to personal whims, but within the frameworks and plans that serve the interests of the families of martyrs