Cash amounts for the Eid’s clothing, gifts distributed for the sons, daughters of the martyrs , half a salary paid in Taiz

Martyrs Foundation – Taiz

The branch of Martyrs Foundation in Taiz inaugurated in June 2, the distribution of funds for Eid al-Fitr for the sons and daughters of the martyrs of the sum of 8 million and 770 thousand riyals.

In the inauguration, the Undersecretary of Taiz ,Saqr al-Jundi, confirmed the greatness of charitable works for orphans, especially those who sacrificed their lives in order to defend the homeland and its security and stability.

He called on the good people to provide support to the Martyrs’ Foundation in order to let the sons and daughters of the martyrs in many projects, noting the efforts of all the workers and supporters of the foundation to enable it to carry out its duty towards the families of the martyrs.

The central  representatives of the foundation in the Martyrs Foundation , Salah al-Daw and Abdul Rahman al-Mahdi and the foundation’s branch official, Ali al-Junaid , added that the project of the Eid comes within the projects supporting the families of martyrs.

They pointed to the attention by the Leader of the Revolution to the families of the martyrs and his keenness to follow up their situation, expressing their hope to stand by and support the foundation ,so that it will  be able to carry out its tasks.

It is worth mentioning that the foundation in Taiz province paid half the salary to the families of martyrs in Taiz.

The inauguration was attended by official of Taiz, Hams Al-Habari, Amin Humaidan, Mansour Al Bahr, Deputy Director of the Education Bureau, Ismail Sharafuddin, and a number of officials.