Shaharah tribesmen in Amran declare backing fronts with fighters

Martyrs Foundation-Amran province

A tribal meeting was organized by Shaharah district’s tribes in Amran province to back the Yemeni army with fighters and food convoy in the battle fronts on March 14.

At the meeting, the tribes condemned the air strikes committed by Saudi aggression fighter jet that killed and wounded dozens of women and children in Kosher district of Hajjah province.

The participants stressed on the importance of strengthening the internal unity and mobilizing to the fronts to foil the aggression and its plots that target Yemen.

The meeting called on the international community to take strong steps to stop the war crimes and lift the siege imposed by the aggression on the Yemeni people.

They praised the great triumphs made by the army against the sedition of the mercenaries backed by the aggression in Kosher district of Hajjah and the other battle fronts.

The photo is from the archive