Martyrs Foundation holds the first collective wedding for 588 of the sons of martyrs in cooperation with the General Authority for Zakat and the Municipality of the capital

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

As part of the commemoration of the Martyrs ‘Day, 1440 H, the foundation on January 24, 2019held the first mass wedding of martyrs’ sons in Sana’a, Hodeidah, Hajjah and Dhamar provinces, which included 588 grooms in cooperation with the General Authority for Zakat and Sana’a Municipality.

The Foundation organized the first collective wedding since Thursday morning, which was began with visits to the martyrs’ graveyards by the grooms and the leaders of the foundation, then a lunch was given in honor of the bridegrooms for the families and a large

number of sheikhs and community aspirations as well as a number of state leaders

The activities of the first collective wedding started at Al Wahda Club in Sana’a with reading verses from the holy Quran. Then a welcome speech was given by the foundation by Mr. Abdulsalam Talabi, the educational official of the foundation, whereas he welcomed the attendees ,the leaders of the State and other institutions, stressing to provide all the requirements of the families of the martyrs in cooperation with various bodies

Talabi explained that this collective wedding is the first and there will be mass weddings in the next stage, among the concerns of the program to protect the families of the martyrs, which the foundation takes as its first interest.

Al-Talabi thanked those who interacted with the foundation in the success of the first collective marriage project, especially the Zakat General Assembly, which stated that it would cover the costs of 300 grooms and the secretariat of the capital which guaranteed 248 ones, calling on various concerned parties to care for the martyrs’ families.

For his part, the official of the program for the protection of the families of the martyrs, Mr. Yahya al-Azi said that the foundation has prepared and coordinated the collective marriage since more than a month, whereas the families of the martyrs were informed that it will hold a collective wedding for the sons of martyrs, which was followed by registration of those wishing to marry, and it then registered a large number from different provinces through its representatives and contacted with those who will support the project.

Al-Azzi explained that the foundation brought the grooms from their regions to hold the first collective wedding festival to make the families of the great martyrs who gave their most precious possessions in the cause of Allah and defend the land of the country and the people happy.
For his part, the Acting Director of the foundation , Mr. Loay Amer, said that the foundation will complete the first mass wedding in Saada governorate next Thursday and that it will make its best to provide all services to the martyrs’ families in order to achieve a decent living.

Amer said that the first collective wedding covered different governorates. The event was held for the wedding fro the grooms from the capital Sana’a and Amran, Hodeidah, Marib, Baida, Rameh and Hajja provinces, while the second festival will be held in Saada and Dhamar next week

In the mass wedding, which was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. Hussein Makbouli, Minister of Justice Ahmed Ahmed Obstetrics and Member of the Shura Council Khaled Al-Madani, the Secretary of the Capital Hamoud Abbad praised the efforts of the foundation in establishing the first collective wedding of the sons of the martyrs

He referred to the great status of martyrs who sacrificed their lives in defense of pride, dignity and sovereignty.

While the Chairman of the General Authority for Zakat Sheikh Shamsan Abu Nashtan considered the establishment of the collective wedding within the activities of the anniversary of the martyr 1440 e, and joy with the sons of martyrs

He pointed out that the families of the martyrs deserve care and attention in gratitude and loyalty to the blood of their relatives and the emphasis on the continuation of the project launched by the president martyr Saleh al-Samad “A hand builds .. and another protects”

The collective event included Oberoiet, entitled “The Spirit of the Martyr”, was performed by a group of vocalists as well as folk dances.

The sons of the martyrs gave a message of greeting to the leader of the revolution, Sayyed. Abdulmalek Al-Houthi, for his interest in the families of the martyrs and thanked the foundation for providing services to the martyrs’ families in various areas of life.

The collective wedding was attended by the president of the foundation, Mr. Ahmed Jaran, and a number of state leaders, including ministers, deputies, the head of the tribal cohesion council, Naji al-Salami, and a number of political and social figures.