The anniversary plan of the martyr discussed in Saada governorate

The Martyrs Foundation – Saada Governorate

A meeting of Sa’ada Governorate was held in 1-1-2019  under the chairmanship of Governor Mohammed Jaber Awad with the presence of  the leadership of the Martyrs Foundation, headed by Mr. Ahmed Ahsan Garran, the head of the Martyrs Foundation, Mr. Abdullah Al-Kostban, and the executive offices concerned, included the martyr’s anniversary the plan for 1440

The meeting dealt with the Ihsan program launched by Al-Shuhadaa Foundation to ensure the children of martyrs and the importance of the participation of the good and the merchants to participate in supporting the martyrs’ families and cooperating with them as a religious duty.

The meeting praised the achievements of the martyrs and their sacrifices and the duty of society towards their families, as well as the procedures for implementing the plan and the distribution of tasks and arrangements to commemorate this occasion in an appropriate manner to the status of the martyrs