Winners of martyr Ex-President Al-Samad prize for farmers of grain in Rima honored

Martyrs Foundation-Rima province

The General Corporation for Cereal Development and Production and the leadership of the local authority in Rima province ,in January 18, honored the winners of the award of former President Saleh al-Samad for the production of grain in the province for the year 2018.

The award was won by five farmers, who are the most the most grain producers in the provinces.

In the ceremony, which was attended by provincial and local officials and executive director and member of Jury of the award Hashim Al-Kahlani, Deputy Governor of Rima Murad Murad pointed to the importance of honoring farmers to enhance their production, especially in the current circumstances due to continued aggression and all-out blockade imposed on the Homeland.

He called on the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture to pay attention to the farmers in the province through the construction of dams and water barriers that feed the groundwater and serve the farmers in the province, especially that the residents of Rima rely on rainwater to cultivate their lands and agricultural terraces.