Farmers win Martyr Al-Samad Award for cereal production in Mahweet

Martys Foundation-Mahweet

The General Corporation for Development and Production of Cereals on Wednesday organized a ceremony for honoring the farmers, who won the Martyr Al-Samad Award for the grain production in Mahweet province for the agricultural season 2018.

At the honoring ceremony, Governor of the province Faisal Ahmed Hidar emphasized the importance of the award project in creating the competition between grain farmers and encouraging them to expand wheat cultivation and increase production for achieving self-sufficiency in all grain crops.

Hidar stressed the importance of the agricultural sector to meet the current economic challenges imposed by the continued aggression and siege on Yemen.

Abdulrahman Kumit, a grain farmer from al-Khabt district, obtained the first place at the level of the province, and won a tillage machine and a sprinkling pump. Four other farmers won a tillage machine for each of them, and they are Hizam al-Sarem from al-Taweela district, Ahmed Qayrah from Shibam district, Shoei al-Muntaser from Bani Saad district, and Abdullah al-Marhabi from al-Rujom district.

The Corporation’s Executive Director Ahmed al-Khalid reviewed efforts to support and encourage grain farmers in the targeted provinces, referring that the Martyr Al-Samad Award project is a positive step towards boosting development and supporting the national economy.