Preparations to Commemorate Martyr’s Week are Discussed in Hajjah

Martyrs Foundation-Hajjah province

Executive Bureau in Hajjah province held a meeting on Tuesday, January 2nd,2019, discussing preparations to commemorate of the Martyr’s Week across all districts.

The official of Ansarullah in the province, Abu Karfashah stressed the importance of the commemorating this occasion that matches the huge sacrifices made by the martyrs in the cause of defending the homeland and its security and stability.

The meeting touched upon the sacrifices made by the province’s sons throughout the all the districts from the very beginning of the outbreak of the brutal aggression against our homeland .

He stressed the need for accelerating the preparation of events program by the way by the committee from all sectors.

The official pointed out that this occasion is dear to our hearts and deserves to be given the importance that dignified the enormity of the sacrifices.