Cultural event in Taiz governorate on the anniversary of the martyr

Martyrs Foundation – Taiz Governorate

The sons of the Directorate of Taziah organized an event on the occasion of the annual anniversary of the martyr under the slogan “Martyrs alive

During the event, a number of speeches were delivered, in which religious and poetry poems were presented, as well as excerpts of the life of the martyrs

The participants in the event stressed the importance of commemorating the martyr and the sanctification of the highest sacrifice, which is the sacrifice of the martyrs, stressing the importance of establishing activities and being inspired by the principles of pride and steadfastness in confronting the oppressors and the corrupt in the land

The participants pointed out that commemorating the martyrs’ martyrdom is less obligatory for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of dignity of the country, and in order for others to live with dignity . They also stressed the importance of visiting the families of the martyrs and taking care for them

The event was attended by a number of social and religious figures and a large number of members of the Directorate