An armed stand in the city of Hajjah to appreciate the martyrs ,support of the fronts

Martyrs Foundation – Hajjah City

The people of the city of Hajjah went out after a Friday, 11-1-2019- prayer at an armed protest in commemoration of the Martyr’s Week , affirming the greatness of the martyrs and supporting the fronts with money and men. They also expressed their continued phase to reject and condemn the crimes of the Saudi-American aggression against the Yemeni people and the steadfastness against the brutal aggression against their country
The participants condemned the continuation of the Saudi-American aggression in committing the crimes against the Yemeni people, which will not be forgotten and the aggression will take its deterrent punishment. They also condemned the violations of mercenaries of the Saudi aggression in Hodeidah province and their lack of commitment to the truce agreed upon in Sweden

The participants accused the mercenaries of the aggression of full responsibility in an attempt to thwart the agreement of Sweden, calling on the United Nations to carry out its duties towards these violations

The participants praised the achievements of the the Yemeni Air force that it achieved, which was the most recent qualitative operation in Camp Al-Anad, where the mercenaries were targeted , calling on the Yemeni people to condemn the terrible crime carried out by the elements of al-Qaeda to execute young people in the province of al-Bayda