Within preparations for the martyrdom anniversary of the martyr in1440 … Martyrs Foundation is preparing the gift of the occasion ..

Martyrs Foundation

The Martyrs Foundation for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Martyrs’ Families is preparing a gift to mark the anniversary of the martyr in 1440 AH, as part of a series of preparations for the occasion which the Foundation carries out annually during this anniversary because of its great importance to the Yemeni society in general and the families of the great martyrs in particular

The Martyrs Foundation is preparing a gift for the families of the martyrs in a new character that includes the martyr’s image in the center of a shield along with a Quranic verse , the speech of Sayyed. Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi and the slogans of the occasion and the foundation to suit the great martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the homeland

The Acting Director of the Executive Committee, Mr. Louai Amer, said that the gift of the occasion to the families of the martyrs comes within a series of works that will be carried out by the Foundation on the anniversary of the martyr, including the payment of salary to all the martyrs, as well as giving food baskets, , processing of martyrs’ graveyards, processing exhibitions and other services provided by the Foundation during the anniversary.

For his part, Mr. Yahya al-Azzi, the head of the program for the protection of the families of the martyrs, said that the gift of the occasion comes in the framework of showing the greatness of the martyrs, who are good example of all the free people in the world and they have presented the finest models of sacrifice and redemption for the sake of Allah and for the nation and the people.

Mr. Abdulla Karim Al-Houthi, the official of preparing the gift of the occasion, said that the Martyrs Foundation has been preparing the gift of the occasion for more than a month as it began to collect pictures of all the martyrs to carry out a new design work that suits the shield that will be presented as a gift. Currently, the foundation is preparing armors, which is an important step , whereas it did a lot to prepare it to complete processing the gift before the beginning of the anniversary of the martyr in 1440 .

Al-Huthi confirmed that the gift will be delivered to all the families of martyrs in all governorates through representatives of the foundation and social figures during the anniversary of the martyr 1440 e through a unified and organized mechanism .