Pictures.. Martyrs Foundation- Ihsan program -distributes the amounts of sponsorship for the children of the martyrs for about 6 thousand, with 20 thousand per orphan

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

In light of the attention given by the Martyrs Foundation to the care and rehabilitation of the families of the martyrs and among the most important programs of the foundation, Ihsan orphans ‘safety program distributed on Saturday ,15-12-2018, the amounts of orphans’ sponsorship to the sons and daughters of the great martyrs for nearly 6,000 orphans

The program distributed the amounts of money to the program representatives in all governorates for 5950 orphans, ten thousand riyals per orphan, where the amount will be paid for the month of October and November, for 5025 orphan, twenty thousand riyals per orphan, and 929 , with ten thousand riyals

The program official Mohammed AL-Moayad said that the program targets 5950 orphans of the martyrys’ sons and daughters after the program was able to increase the number of targeted orphans during this month to 925 orphans, and the amount of sponsorship will be disbursed for two months for orphans who have been sponsored during the past months, while the sponsor amount of money for November for the new number,with total (109700000 riyals) one hundred and nine million seven hundred thousand riyals

Al-Moayyed confirmed that the program continues to work and develop and facilitate the mechanism of handing over funds to the targeted orphans during the next phase, calling on all the good and the concerned parties to care for the families of the martyrs and to contribute effectively to this program

For his part, Mr. Luay Amer, Acting Executive Director said that the foundation is striving through various programs, including  Ehsan program to care for the families of martyrs and their care in all areas, while Ihsan program is one of the most important programs

The Acting Executive Director called upon government agencies, institutions, associations and all the good people to cooperate with the Martyrs Foundation in the care and rehabilitation of martyrs’ families in various fields

Amer stressed that the foundation is carrying out these activities in cooperation with benefactors and supporting bodies. It is a developmental charity that does not have any stable source of income and depends only on the support of the good people

Mr. Yahya Al-Azzi, Director of the Program for the Protection of the Families of the Martyrs, stressed the importance of this program, and Mr. Ismail Al-Wadai, Director of Rehabilitation and Training, as well as Media Officer Mr. Jubran Mohammed Al-Sheikh, Deputy Director of Media and Relations, Abdullah Al-Houthi and all the represintitives of the program in all the governates,