Martyrs Foundation _ The educational section announces the launching of the educational construction path for the sons , daughters of martyrs in universities and institutes

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

Martyrs Foundation launched on Thursday, 10 Safar 1440H (18/10/2018) a practical initiative which consisted in establishing a periodic meeting for the sons and daughters of martyrs enrolled in public and private universities from the relatives of the martyrs for the first degree as an educational course held periodically for male and female students

The meetings were held and focused on the introduction of a set of important topics that must be established and work among the students and waht the current stage needs of of the mobilization of arms ,armament of the faith ,awareness and carrying the Koranic project and the cause for which the martyrs sacrificed

The meetings also set out a set of recommendations and decisions and framed a mechanism for the establishment of scientific and practical programs and activities that will raise the level of students and strengthen the steadfastness among the members of the community, the relatives of the martyrs should be at the forefront of those who concern and the most sensitive to the responsibility of confronting the war in all its forms, and students should reflect the highest and most advanced form of personality, which shows values ​​and principles.