The Martyrs Foundation launches the Eid gift project for the martyrs’ sons and daughters with 7500 riyals in all provinces

Martyrs Foundation- Yemeni provinces

The Martyrs Foundation for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Families of the Martyrs launched the gifts al-for the sons and daughters of the martyrs in all provinces to pay a sum of money to each of them under 18 years old.

The branches of the Foundation in the secretariat of the capital and the branch of the displaced,and the provinces of Sana’a, Hajjah, Saada, Amran, launched the project on Saturday, 25 Ramadan 1439 e by giving  7500 riyals for each of them in these provinces.

The rest of the branches also launched the project on Sunday and began to give 7,500 riyals for each of them , as a feast , which is a little for the families of the martyrs ,who have provided the most precious possessions in the cause of Allah and defend the land .

The Martyrs Foundation gave the feasts through a list of information and accurate information obtained by the foundation through the field survey and continuous follow-up to the families of the martyrs through which accurate information about the families of the martyrs and the number of its members.

The leadership of the Foundation said that the implementation of the project came after the completion of the project of al-Fitr Eid’s cloth for all the families of the martyrs in all the provinces, through giving clothes or the equivalent amount of money in some areas.

It stressed that the Foundation is providing what services it can to provide to the families of the martyrs, which is one of the greatest segments of the society, which provided its dependents for the sake of Allah and defending the homeland and the people.

The Foundation called on government agencies, organizations, traders and philanthropists to bear their religious, moral and national responsibilities towards the families of the martyrs and to pay attention to them.

The Foundation paid tribute to all those who interacted with the Foundation who had an active role in many projects for the success of its charitable and developmental projects towards the families of the martyrs .