The Martyrs Foundation condoles the martyrdom of the president -Saleh AL-Sammad ” the letter”



Martyrs Foundation

A condolence letter issued by the Martyrs Foundation

Thanks to Allaah who says: “Do not think those ,who were killed for the sake of Allah, are dead, but  they are alive .” ,peace be upon our master ,Muhammad ,and his good and kild family, satisfication on his good friends

The Yemeni people are surprised by the martyrdom of the most prominent national leader , the president, Mr. Saleh Ali AL-Samad, who was martyred as a result of the attacks of the American aggression on him and his companions on board their car in the province of Hodeidah as he was visiting  to this wounded province, which he insisted on coming down to touch its needs And bear the concerns of its sons despite all the risks and critical security conditions

What led him to fall as a martyr for the sake of Allah ,religious and national responsibility without paying attention to his position as he stressed on his speech given during his attendance at the graduation ceremony of a combat session


The Martyrs Foundation on behalf of all its branches and all the families of the martyrs in all governorates send a great condolences to the Commander Abdulmalik Badruddin Houthi, may Allah preserves him ,as well as the father and the family of the martyr, may Allah have mercy on him

It also share with all the free sons of Yemen their grief because of this great casualty represented by the personality of the first man in the Yemeni government, appreciating all families of the martyrs their patience, sacrifices

Furthermore, it called all honorable people of the homeland to follow the same path as the martyrs, marked with their blood ,to move seriously and responsibly for the sake of Allah , religion and the homeland to all fronts of fighting ,and to support the internal front with all would preserve the dignity of the people of Yemen in a whole.

The foundation called on all the people to participate in the march of guns, which will be held on Wednesday afternoon in the province of Hodeidah, which was called by the martyr , the martyr President, may Allah have mercy on him

It bears the countries of the American Saudi aggression the responsibility for this treacherous crime and the consequences of punishment ,which they will not be safe from them

Additionally, they called on all honorable people to participate in the commemoration of the funeral ceremonies of the martyred president and his companions, which will be determined later by the organizing committee

Issued by the Martyrs Foundation Tuesday, 8 August 1439 H corresponding to 24/4/2018 A.B