The continuation of the free medical camp for the families of the martyrs, the wounded and the displaced people amid great demand of the continuation of the camp for another week

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a province

The camera of the media section of Martyrs Foundation recorded the free medical camp for the families of the martyrs, the wounded and the displaced people, which is held at Kuwait University Hospital and started last Saturday to treat these families in all specialties.

Despite the fact that five days have passed, the arrival of the camp is still very much. The camera has shown the great interest of these families, especially the families of the martyrs in all fields. According to camp specialists, the camp has treated hundreds of prisoners free of charge, especially women and children.

Families expressed their satisfaction with the services of the camp, despite some shortcomings, as they said , asking the authorities to continue this camp for another week, as there were a very large number of families who did not receive the free treatment service, thanking the great leadership of the state and the campers for their health services, as they said .

For its part, the Martyrs Foundation for the care and rehabilitation of the families of the martyrs facilitated the procedures for the families of martyrs coming from different areas, especially remote areas, and facilitated access to treatment through the establishment of a soft mechanism to prove that these families are families of the martyrs to receive treatment as soon as possible, where the Foundation provided the workers and volunteers to facilitate the procedures and knowledge of families in addition to ensure access to health services and free treatment .
For his part, officials at Kuwait University Hospital said that the hospital will continue its services to the families of martyrs, wounded and displaced throughout the year, even if the camp is over.