Martyrs Foundation visits the family of the martyr AL-Tabib ,one of the employees of the Foundation in the branch of Amran province

Martyrs Foundation-Amran province

Representatives of the Martyrs Foundation visited the family of the martyr Ibrahim Abdel Latif AL-Tabib who and his father were working in the foundation of martyrs in Amran province branch.

The visit comes a day after the funeral of the martyr AL-Tabib, who rose as a martyr for the sake of Allah and defends the country .

The visitors expressed their pride with the medal of martyrdom that was received by the Martyrs’ Foundation with one of its employees.

For his part, the martyr’s father renewed the promise to the leader of the revolution and the martyrs to continue giving for the sake of Allah and the homeland.

In this way, the martyrs and their employees show that their work is not confined to caring for the families of the martyrs, but rather goes to the fields of heroism and redemption fought by the great martyrs.