The Unity School in AL-Tahrir district holds a large commemorative event on the anniversary of the martyr

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

In commemoration of the martyrdom of the martyr and in the confirmation for the mrtyrs , the principles and values ​​for which they sacrificed their lives ., where there is no place for invaders and occupiers in the land of Yemen, and the path of Jihad is the only solution to fight the enemies as long as the American aggression continues being injustice towards the Yemeni people.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the martyr, Al Wahda School in AL-Tahrir district held a commemorative event on Saturday, February 10, 2018, about the role of the martyrs and the heroic events

In the event which was organized by Mr.Salman Rashad Al-Hazmi ,Mr.Sinai Al-Moayad and the manager of the school, Mr. Mohammad Al-Hamati, which was attended by Mr. Ibrahim Sharaf, Mr. Fuad Al Shami, Ministry of Education members, Mr. Ziad Al-Rafiq, Director of the Education Office of the Secretariat, Mr. Mohamed Osman, Director General of the Directorate of ALTahrir, Mr. Abdullah Al Hadi, the educational supervisor of Ansar Allah in the Directorate and a number of social figures, families of martyrs and parents of students.

Mr. Mohammad Al-Hamati gave a speech in which he welcomed all the guests and attendees, who embodied with their presence their care of the greatness of this occasion, from which we get inspired by the sacrifices of the martyrs and their jihadist antagonists as they confront the forces of the Saudi-American aggression.

The event included poetry poems ,folk dances ,theater performances and scenes which embodied the sacrifices of the martyrs and the greatness they have provided as they respond to the aggression of Saudi Arabia

At the end of the event, the high guests, together with Mr. Mohamed Al-Hamati and Mr. Salman Rashad Al-Hazmi, honored the winning teams in the Cup of Martyrs with gold and silver medals and handed the trophy to the winning team. The winning team gave the trophy to Salman Rashad Al-Hazmi to appreciate his efforts the students