Various community activities and events in Dhamar province

Martyrs Foundation- Dhamar province

Community activities and events in Dhamar governorate continue on the anniversary of the martyr

The People’s Assembly and the tribal council in Dhamar province visited on Monday a number of families of martyrs of the army and the popular committees in the city of Dhamar

During the visit, the tribal and popular solidarity council presented symbolic gifts to the martyrs’ families

While the Department of religious people and Learners in coordination with the cultural unit of Ansar Allah in the province held a religious symposium entitled “Care of the families of martyrs and the confrontation of aggression responsibility of everyone”, participated by a number of religious people

In a separate context, the women of the Directorate of Jabal Al Sharq district held a cultural event in commemoration of this anniversary with the participation of children and mothers of the martyrs, followed by a visit to the martyrs’ exhibition