The sons of the Saada districts commemorate the martyr’s anniversary with popular and community events

Martyrs Foundation -Saada province

The sons of the districts of Saada province on Monday commemorated the martyr’s anniversary with a number of popular and social activities

The citizens and local authorities in the governorate continued to launched exbitions of pictures of the martyrs in the areas of Sabr, Al Abyan and Sudan in conjunction with the distribution of a gift to the families of the martyrs of the district of Sohar

In the district of Saqeen ,a number of exhibitions have been launched in the isolation of the district , and the district of Haidan  the graveyards of the martyrs have witnessed of a large presence of all the families of the martyrs and their loved ones in addition to the opening of an exhibition that included photographs of the martyrs met with pictures of the worst crimes of aggression in the district , which was a motive to continue on the path of martyrdom

Additionally, the sons of the Jomaa bin Fadil area launched the photo gallery of the martyrs of the case, in addition to launching other exhibitions in the areas of Woot ,Bani Bahr ,walad Nawar and many areas of the districts of Saqeen and Haidan