Martyrs’ exhibitions held in Saada and Dhamar on the anniversary of martyrdom

Martyrs Foundation- Provinces

A number of martyrs’ exhibitions were held ,Saturday, in the provinces of Saada and Dhamar on the anniversary of the martyr.

In Saada, art exhibitions were held in te Bani Mu’adh area of ​​the Directorate of Sohar, which included photographs of the martyrs of each area of ​​the heroes of the army and the popular committees, who sacrificed their pure blood cheaply for the sake of Allah in defense of this precious homeland and its purity.

During the exhibitions, the participants praised the artistic work that characterized the exhibition, where they recognizes the creativity and effort exerted in order to be fair to the martyrs and to commemorate them.

In the province of Dhamar, the General Women’s Cultural Organization of Ansar Allah, in the Moshk district, inaugurated the anniversary of the martyr with an effective speech and hels a photo exhibition for the martyrs of the Directorate.

The event included a number of artistic words and participations that expressed the importance of the great occasion with the greatness of their owners and the need to draw inspiration from the sacrifice and redemption of those who sacrificed their blood for the sake of Allah in defense of the land and dignity.

The exhibition included pictures of the heroic martyrs who sacrificed themselves for Allah’s sake and the homeland.