A medis seminar for the martyrs and the echo of the events about the role of the media in communicating the martyr’s message and activating society towards the families of the martyrs

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

The Media Section of the Martyrs Foundation in cooperation with the Foundation for the Echo of Media Events on Sunday, 11 Jumada I 1439H corresponding to January 28, 2018, held a media seminar on the role of the media in conveying the martyr’s message and activating society towards the families of the martyrs.

In the presence of President Saleh’s advisor, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Tarb, Minister of Higher Education Sheikh Hussein Hazeb, Chairman of the People’s Assembly, Sheikh Daifallah Rassam, Member of the House of Representatives Abdul-Barghi Daghish, and Taha Al-Hazzari, and a number of media and political personalities. 

Whereas the Professor Abdul Salam Talabi welcomed attendees ,stressing the need to interact with various segments of society with the families of martyrs as well as commemorate the anniversary of the martyr, which will begin this week.

Talabi explained that the Foundation is striving to provide all the needs of the families of the martyrs in various social, educational, health and other fields. He called on the concerned parties, businessmen and institutions to interact more with the families of the martyrs as they presented the most precious possessions and what others offer to these families.

For his part, Professor Daifallah Al-Shami, Chairman of the Yemeni News Agency Saba and member of the Political Bureau of Ansar Allah, spoke about the greatness of martyrdom and martyrs, explaining that the blood of the martyr saved and maintained the land,

Shami said that sacrificing and offering the spirit is not a loss. When the martyr falls, he makes a nation alive and pushes dozens of men. The martyr sacrificed his soul for a just cause iwhich is to preserve religion and the nation in front of the most brutal invaders known to history.

A member of the Political Bureau of Ansar Allah confirmed that Martyr’s Day is the day of Martyr of Zaid Ali Musleh’s martyrdom on the 19th of Jumada I. However, the commander, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, made the 13th the beginning of the events for turning the anniversary into a week which ends on 19 Jumada 1 with final events.

Mr. Tariq al-Shami stressed the necessity of media interaction with all activities associated with the martyr, because the martyr presents the most important lessons that the media must disseminate to society.

Then she gave a lecture on the model of Yemeni women as a mother, wife and sister of the martyr and the role of women towards the families of the martyrs. She confirmed that Yemeni women have become a model for women around the world and that they have followed the greatness of this nation such as Khadija, Fatima and Zainab and become from a women that frustrates the man to a woman that support the man.

She also described what the woman is doing during the anniversary of the martyr from various activities and acts towards the families of the martyrs such as cultural events, visits, caravans and others, and Yemeni women continue to struggle and stand by their brother, the man.

At the end of the seminar, Khaled Mousa delivered the speech of the religious men , stressing the need on interaction of society and the necessity of reviving social solidarity and stressed on all businessmen and benefactors to interact and support the families of martyrs

He pointed out that the media has a great role in this field and the media must should bear responsibility in front of Allah , deliver the martyr’s message to society and carry the issues of their families, and the media shouldn’t publish some news as if the issue is normal.

The seminar stressed on the necessity of activating the media significantly during the event, covering all the activities that will be held in commemoration, in addition to activating the society and informing them that responsibility is not on a foundation , but on the responsibility of the entire society.