Martyrs Foundation _ Al-Amana branch launches food basket project for families of martyrs and distributes 3300 food baskets to all families of martyrs in the Secretariat

Martyrs Foundation – Amana Municipality

Under the slogan” Towards our fronts and loyalty to our martyrs” and on the occasion of the martyr anniversary of the martyrs , the Foundation for the care and rehabilitation of martyrs’ families in the secretariat of the capital on Wednesday launched  the food basket for the families of martyrs in the Secretariat.

In the presence of the Mayor of the capital Mr. Hamoud Abbad, the supervisor of the Secretariat Mr. Khalid Al-Madani, Mr. Hussein Al-Qadi, the official branch of the Foundation in the Secretariat, Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakil and Mr. Hamza Abu Talib, the Foundation

 It launched the distribution of 3300 food baskets to all families of martyrs in all directorates of the Secretariat

The distribution of the food basket comes within the service and development activities and projects of  the foundation for the families of the martyrs at various occasions and throughout the year.

For his part, the Secretary of the capital, Mr. Hamoud Abbad stressed the need to interact with the official sides with the families of the martyrs and pay attention to the fact that these families provided the most expensive in the way of Allah and the homeland.

Mr. Hussein Al-Qadi explained that the launch of the food basket project comes within the framework of several projects that will be carried out by the Foundation during the anniversary of the martyr 1439 H (2018) towards the families of the martyrs as the least duty by the foundation towards these families.