The families of martyrs Bakr Soma’ah and Taha al-Wazzan provide food convoys to the heroes of the army and the popular committees


The Martyrs Foundation – Hajjah

The families of martyr Bakr Soma’ah and the family of the martyr Taha Al-Wazzan in Hajjah city on Wednesday January 24, 2018 provided two food convoys in support of the army heroes and the popular committees stationed on the fronts of dignity .

The two convoys coincide with the occasion of the anniversary of the martyr to confirm that they give to the heroes of the army and the popular committees in honor of the memory of the great martyrs after they have sucrafied their pure blood in the battle for the defense of land and dignity.

The two convoys contained varieties of staple food ,while the families of martyrs confirmed during the preparation of the convoy that the path of struggle a,nd freedom and dignity must be worshiped with blood and that the martyrs are the redemption of Allah,the homeland and the revolution, stressing that they follow the approach of the martyrs and will not hesitate to offer precious and good in order to raise the word of Allah and the right.