A meeting of the Media Section of the Martyrs Foundation discusses the functions of the media staff during the preparations for the martyr’s anniversary

January 3, 2018

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

On Wednesday morning, a meeting of the Media Section of the Martyrs Foundation was held in the framework of preparations for the martyr anniversary of 1439 H – 2018 to discuss the functions of the media section and the role and functions of the department during the occasion
During the meeting, they discussed the tasks carried out by the Media Section during this period, during which the Martyrs Foundation will prepare all requirements for the occasion, in addition to discussing the work that will be carried out by the Department during the occasion

The Executive Director Mr. Taha Gran stressed the need for media work and concerted efforts of the media and deliver the message of martyrs and society to all members of Yemeni society, stressing the importance of media interaction of various media to cover the events of this great occasion

For his part, the head of the department, Mr. Jubran al-Sheikh, stressed that the department keeps pace with all the work of the preparatory of the foundation , and that the department is about to issue  many works during the occasion

The meeting resulted in several recommendations, including the need to activate the various media to deliver the events of the anniversary of the martyr and deliver the preparations, as well as let the public view of the preparations by the Foundation for this occasion