On the occasion of the anniversary of the martyr 1439 H – 2018 M Martyrs Foundation launched the electronic card for the families of martyrs and approve the payment of salaries of martyrs by 35 thousand riyals per martyr

December 31, 2017
Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

Maryrs Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Service and the Civil Status Department launched the distribution of the electronic card to the families of the martyrs in different provinces of the Republic during the meeting of the leadership of the foundation as well as the department officials and the heads of the foundation in the branches.

Whereas  the Foundation distributed the electronic cards to more than 10 thousand martyrs families in all provinces of the Republic to receive the salaries of martyrs through this card, which will facilitate many procedures for the families of martyrs and facilitate the process of delivering salaries and baskets of food in the next phase.

The electronic department official, Mr. Abdulrahman Qassim Al Mahdi, confirmed that this electronic card is essential for the families of the martyrs, which included all the information of the martyr family as well as the sponsor chosen by the family to receive the dues of the martyr ,the salary and others.

Mahdi stressed the need to pay attention to this card by the family, which will be valid for two years from the date of recieving, and stressed that the distribution of these cards is the first stage and the second phase will include all the families of martyrs in various provinces of the Republic.

At the meeting, the leadership of the Foundation approved the payment of the salaries of the martyrs by 35 thousand riyals per martyr, in addition to the disbursement of a basket of food for each family of the martyr, coinciding with the arrival of the anniversary of the martyr 1439 e – 2018.

The Executive Director of the Foundation of Martyrs Taha Jaran confirmed that the adoption of the electronic card to the families of the martyrs is to facilitate the receipt of families for their salaries and others , and that the Foundation strives to serve the families of martyrs and provide what possible in a flexible way.

The Executive Director thanked all the collaborators to make this work successful , especially the Ministry of Civil Service, the Civil Status Department and all the employees of the Foundation for their efforts to take steps and ways to remove hardship from the families of martyrs in obtaining their dues.

He also thanked the official sides which cooperated extensively in the disbursement of martyrs’ salaries and facilitated the disbursement procedures. He pointed out that what the Foundation and government sides are doing to serve of the families of the martyrs is little , comparing to these great families who have provided the most precious possessions for the Alah’s sake .

The Martyrs Foundation has completed printing the electronic card as the first phase in the coming days by choosing the form of the electronic card ,its working mechanism ,the information that it includes, and then printing it accurately .