Martyrs Foundation _ Dhamar province branch -today launches the integrated school bag project for martyrs’ sons, daughters.

October 17, 2017

Martyrs Foundation – Dhamar

Under the slogan “their parents did us a favor , so we must did their sons and daughters a favor ,” the Martyrs Foundation  _ Dhamar branch -launched the school bag for the sons and daughters of martyrs for the academic year 2017-2018.

At the inauguration ceremony, the Director General of Education, Dhamar City Directorate, Abdul Karim al-Habsi stressed the importance of caring for the sons and daughters of martyrs in all fields of life, including education.

He pointed out that the victories achieved by the army and the popular committees, adding: What would have been achieved only by the pure lives and blood that have been extinguished but to be a tool to ignite the light to turn the life of the nation into a diametrically, opposing to the alliance of evil and crime led by the forces of evil America and Israel , whereas on top of them is the horn of Satan.

Official the Martyrs Foundation in the province a. Abdelmalek Marouni stressed the need to comfort the families of the martyrs , visit them and provide them with assistance due to the living conditions caused by the aggression and the siege on Yemen, explaining that the project includes the distribution of more than (2000) school bag for the sons and daughters of martyrs in all districts of the province.

The official of the Martyrs Foundation stated  that the distribution of the school bag will target all sons and daughters of martyrs in the province, stressing that this initiative comes within a series of projects adopted by the Foundation in terms of  the care of the families of the martyrs of nutrition and some of the funds that help them to improve their lives.

At the end of the inauguration, the school bags were distributed to the attendees of the martyrs’ sons and daughters.Then the foundation distributed the school bags to all the sons and daughters of the martyrs who were enrolled in the schools in all districts through the representatives of the foundation in the districts.