The extended meeting of the families of the martyrs in the capital Sana’a confirms on the extensive participation in the revival of the Prophet’s birth

Martyrs Foundation-Capital Secretariat

Martyrs Foundation , Thursday, held in Amman the extended meeting of martyrs’ families  to confirm the continued steadfastness and broad participation in the revival of the Prophet’s birth.

The meeting began with verses of the Holy Quran delivered by Mr. Abdullah Ghadr, after which a welcome speech was given by Mr. Mohammad Al-Hamzi, the official of the branch of Martyrs Foundation, in Bani Al-Harith, in which he stressed that the families of the martyrs are the first ones who follow the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his family, .

Mr. Abdul Salam Al-Talbi also addressed the guests, stressing on the necessity of reviving the Prophet’s birth and the participation of the families of the martyrs on this great occasion, as they are the segement that proved its real  belonging to Muhammad ,peace be upon him and his family.

Mr. Abdulkarim al-Shami delivered the speech of the martyrs’ families in which he called on all the people to commemorate this great occasion ,expresse condolences of the poor families and to pay attention to the needs of the  needy.

The meeting was attended by a large number of parents, sons and brothers of martyrs from all the directorates of the Secretariat, stressing that they will be at the forefront of the people of Yemen to revive this great occasion.