The leadership of the Martyrs Foundation visits the martyrs graveyards in Dhamar province and meets the families of martyrs

Martyrs Foundation – Visits

The head of the Martyrs Foundation, Mr. Ahmed Ahsan Jaran, along with the officials of the branches of the foundation  in the provinces of Saada and Dhamar, paid visits to the martyrs’ graveyards at the directorates of Doran Anas and Al Sharq mount  in Dhamar province.

They also visited the families of the heroic martyr Abdul Qawi al-Jabri and the strong martyr Sadiq al-Zibban, who launched the bomb with his blessed hand on the site of the enemies in Nahdha, Najran, offering them all greetings and reverence because they caused the enemies of the homeland heavy losses , in addition to congratulating them for their sons who got the honorable statue .

The families of the martyrs, on their turn, thanked this blessed reward, stressing their continuity  of the martyrs’ approach and preserving the principles and values ​​they sacrificed for them.

The visits were attended by the directors of the directorates of Anas and Al-Sharq mount in Dhammar, the procurement officer at the foundation , Mr. Salah AL-Daw, a number of the foundation’s  representatives in the departments ,and a group of the families of the great martyrs.