Martyrs Foundation Announces the Launch of the “Charity” Project to Sponsor the Orphans of the Martyrs and Calls on all Benefactors to Interact to Sponsor the Largest Number of Orphans during the Year

Martyrs Foundation – Exclusive

Martyrs Foundation for the Care and Rehabilitation of Martyrs’ Families announced the project of “Charity ” to sponsor the orphans of the martyrs, as a kind of a tit for a tat  and serves as a bridge of communication between the people of the community and the families of the martyrs.

The Foundation confirmed that this project is part of the total cost provided by the Foundation in order to cover and provide the needs of the orphans of martyrs’ sons and daughters in the social, health, educational and other fields.

The Foundation of martyrs stated that the standards of sponsorship will be as following:
1. The minimum warranty period is one year  which is renewable.
2. The amount of the monthly sponsorship is  (10,000) ten thousand Riyals for every orphan.
3. The amount of the sponsorship  should be paid in advance every (quarterly, half year, year).
4. It  will be paid through (cash, check, deposit / bank transfer).
5. It should be given to orphans under the age of 18 years.
6. Multiple sponsorship is prohibited for the same orphan either from the foundation or from the other institution.
7. The largest possible number of orphans from the same family is (3) orphans



The Foundation explained that the mechanism to sponsor the orphans of martyrs will be as follows

1.After the sponsor has filled out a “sponsorship form” and specified it to the desired number to be sponsored, the project management will identify the names of the orphans
and submit the disclosure of their information  to the sponsor.
2. The management of the project  receives the amount of the sponsorship  according to the method and payment mechanism specified by the sponsor in the form.
3. The management of the project  hand over the amount of the sponsorship on a monthly basis to the orphan / orphans through the designated receipt cards, and the agent or the sponsor person the orphans / orphans sign it.
4. The project management works to provide the sponsor periodic reports on orphan / orphans in all aspects  through the way the sponsor wishes.
5. The management of the project work after the approval of the sponsor and coordination with him if he wishes to hold meetings for orphans with the sponsor in the events or according to the wishes of the sponsor.


The Mechanism of Payment of Funds to Sponsor  Orphans, the Foundation has Adopted the Following Procedures:

By sending one of the project representatives to the place specified by the sponsor to receive the bail amount and give him an official document.
– By sending a representative to the program to the place designated by the sponsor to receive the check under the name of  the project of  “charity  to sponsor  orphans”
with the amount of sponsorship  and giving him official receipt .
– Deposit the deposit amount or transfer it to the bank account in the bank account number (1005720717) and send a text message or call the number assigned to Charity Project  to sponsor  the orphans to inform us.
– By contacting the project  management number to request the name of the delegate, who can transfer the amount of sponsorship under his name through any bank.
The Foundation has prepared these numbers for inquiries and communication: 773335050 – 717250250
The Foundation stressed that it seeks to sponsor  the largest number of orphans during this year through the interaction of businessmen and all good with this campaign, calling all media to interact, as the target group is the best segments of Yemeni society.