Hamdan Celebrates 9 of its Great Martyrs to their Graveyards in the Directorate amid the Emphasis on Continuing their Approach and Sacrifice

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

The Directorate of Hamdan in Sana’a province on Friday 20/20/2016 celebrated  nine martyrs of honor, dignity, and sacrifice to immortality paradise
They are
The martyr / Jamil Ali Abdullah Nasser
The martyr / Saleh Mujahid Muhammad Haidan
The martyr Muhammad Yahya Ali Jaber al-Qaza’i
The martyr / Hamid Malatif Ali Hamoud Shalalai
The martyr / Hamid Mansour Mohammed Saleh Hamza
The martyr /Imad Hadi Mohammed Hamoud al-Hatabi
The martyr/ Ali Mohamed Hamoud Shaouch Al-Hatabi
The martyr / Abdulkarim Ahmed Mohammed Saad Mahdi
The martyr / Akram Saleh. Hassan al-Mazhari

In the funeral, the sons of the directorate stressed that sacrifices are for the sake of Allah , the homeland and dignity, no matter how expensive, they are cheap because the sons of the directorate love the martyrdom for the sake of Allah and are ready to provide more and more.
May Allah’s peace be upon their pure souls and on all martyrs

# Our Martyrs are our Greatest