Martyrs Foundation _ Sana’a Province Branch -Inaugurates Eid Clothing Showroom for the Martyrs of the Province

Martyrs  Foundation – Sana’a Province

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a Branch- inaugurated  on the 22nd of the holy month of Ramadan, corresponding to June 17, 2017, the distribution of Eid clothing for sons and daughters of  the martyrs in some districts of the province.

The inauguration was  started by distributing Eid clothing for the sons and daughters of the martyrs from  the poor families the martyrs  in the directorate of Nehim as a first stage.

This is the least that can be offered to these great families in recognition of the sacrifice of their martyrs for the sake’s of Allah  ,in  defense of religion, land, honor, homeland, security and stability.

Martyrs  Foundation called on all businessmen and all the good people to extend a helping hand to the martyrs’ families and to support the efforts of the foundation to carry out its duties towards the best part of society, namely the families of martyrs.