In Pictures: under the Slogan /the Educational Care for the Martyrs Families Is the Responsibility of Everyone.. the Educational Department Holds a Training Workshop for the Delegates of in the Provinces

Martyrs Foundation –Sana’a

The Educational Department of Martyrs  Foundation held a workshop for the employees of the Educational Department in the provinces, attended  by (15) educators who represent 15 provinces and by a number of guests from the educational department and the Koranic Culture Department of Ansar Allah and the Social department .

In the training workshop ,  the literature of the workshop was reviewed as well as the methods and reports of the educational work of the foundations in the provinces.

The discussion covered a number of topics related to the educational work according to a unified mechanism to provide educational and cultural care in all fields to the families of the martyrs and strive to rehabilitate them educationally and culturally as the least duty to for them to appreciate the sacrifices of their martyrs

During the afternoon, the meeting was attended by the Executive Director of the Foundation, Mr. Taha Ahmed Gran, who welcomed the guests and participants in charge of  the work in the field of education in the provinces. He also stressed on the importance of moving in this work effectively because that the sons of the martyrs are the most connected ones to  our Koranic  marc, so that we must move and care.

At the end of the workshop, he confirmed a number of practical recommendations which will be adopted by the Education Department in the various provinces  through delegates in the provinces  as well as through delegates in the directorates, which will contribute significantly to the advancement of the sons of the great martyrs in various educational aspects during this year and the coming years.