Martyr ,al-Nu’ami , Continuation in Sacrificing until Getting Martyrdom with Pride and Dignity


Who is he:
Name: Mohammed Ali Mohammed Saleh Ali Al-Nami
Jihadist  Name: Abu Muhammad al – Nu’mi
Area: Al-Qazah – Directorate of AL-Moftah – Hajjah Province
Age: 32 years old
Date of birth: 1983 AD (1404 AH)
Date of martyrdom: 21/7/2015 corresponding to 6 Shawwal 1436 AH
Marital status: Married
Educational level: A faculty Graduate
Place of burial – Martyrs Graveyard (Alkamah)

His Personality, Qualities, Characteristics: –

He was a respected and distinguished figure and was a true believer. His whole purpose was to satisfy  Allah ,so that he was very committed to his jihadist wor

His qualities :He was  highly moralist  , generous  , well –behaved, strict, honest and  righteous.

His characteristics: He was  really honest  in words and actions and  was like a loving father to his Mujahideen colleagues ,in addition to being an honest adviser.

His Joining to the Koranic  March and Jihadist Life:

The martyr, in the third war or before ,started his life with Allah by visiting his brother , the martyr / Ahmed Muhammad Saleh Al-Nami ,in Saada to get acquainted with the Koranic method recognized by these believers groups , so that he started with Allah his work in his area by spreading amid the community the Koranic method firmly, whereas he attempted to gather youths in his house , showing them  movies that dealt with the five wars on Saada and collecting money then sending it to Mujahideen. He continued to do so until the beginning of the sixth war, during which he was the first to respond to the call of Allah. He continued fighting  in al-Malahid until he suffered a wound in his leg. Then he was transferred to receive treatment until he got recovered  ,keeping fighting until the war ended , then returning to his area, raising  awareness and insight amid the community.


Opinions of his comrades

1- His family and loved ones:

He had great care abouthis family and had good relationship with people ,and he used to make money by himself , preventing people from wasting it.

2 – His jihadist comrades: -.

According to one of his  companions ,he was believer and ascended ; in addition ,he trusted in Allah strongly and relayed on him in all his circumstances .Above all, he used to link  his  companions to Allah  whatever happens to them and handle with the Mujahideen accurately ,as well as he was a man of charity , strong attitudes in the face of falsehood .

The Most Important Events that Took Place with the Martyr:

One of his companions said that I lived with him in the war on Imran in the Mahashash, so I found a great composure, especially when the leadership appointed him and his gatherings on the Front of AL-Janat, in which he arranged everything highly , whereas the enemy advanced to. I think it was the strongest advance toward it ,but they foiled the advance .Then the sites of the enemy stormed without any confrontations, leaving their ammunitions behind .  The most important events were the siege on Lauder, during which the Mujahideen were blocked  for three days, but he was really determined in facing and foiling the advance
How He Fall Martyred:

At the beginning of the aggression, we were in Abyan and during the withdrawal from Aden,he was asked to strengthen the Mujahideen in Aden ,so that he took the strongest groups and went to confront  , which was one of the fiercest battles there ,then they fought as heroes until some of his aides fell martyred and wounded ,whereas one of them was  Abu Dafaa Mual ,who was one of the strongest leaders in the field ; therefore, he was shocked ,so he decided not to return ,unless he made victory or got the martyrdom ,so that he win victory by falling martyred  with a group of his aides by an air strike, where they were in one of the headquarters on 6 Shawwal 1436 H.

The Martyr’s Will:

1 – His advised his family to adhere to the Koranic march and supporting it with money and spirits .
2 – His advised to his brother to adhere to the program of  the Allah’s men because in which there are  insight and self-sufficiency.
3 – His advised his comrades to be with Allah and be afraid of Allah as well as trust in Allah and also rely on  him ,in addition to being patient and stead fastened  .

What Said about the martyr:

His companions of his jihadist school said that he was a true believer whose deeds came before his  .  They missed him in terms of  giving ;furthermore, he was  the first man in any movement led by him with courage and steadfastness.