The Martyr ,Hamdi Hataba ,is a Figure of the Steadfast Believers’ Patience in the Most Difficult Circumstances , Strikes the Enemies of Allah

Martyrs Foundation-Martyr’s Biography _ Written by Abdullah Abdulkarim


Name: Hamdi Ahmed Mahdi Hataba
Jihadi Name: Sir Hamid
Province: Saada
Age: 34
Date of martyrdom: 23 Safar 1438 AH
Place of martyrdom: AL-Jawf
Place of burial: ” Martyrs Garden”

His Growing – and a Part of his Characteristics

The martyr ,Hamdi Hataba ,from a  good family; he raised and grew up in the isolation of Maran ,directorate of Haidan ,province of Sana’a and attended schools; and he was smart and was recognized by his good ethics among his colleagues and his community.
One of his most prominent characteristics was the power of elation, patient, funny , with a sense of high spiritual ,  intelligent , sophisticated and social able ,in addition  has the ability to influence the other and has a great relationship in the surrounding society.

His jihadist Start

After the third war, the martyr went to AL-Farsh area with a group of Mujahideen from his area where it was his start  at the front and continued to be there in the fourth, fifth and sixth wars. Then he moved to the Sufyan front where he fight in the City front. After that , he worked as a culturist  in AL-Sarah area ,Sufyan directorate , he then moved to the Military Information Section.

The martyr served many tasks and works from being  a leader of a  group to confront the enemy’s advances in many fronts during the six unjust wars on Saada and some provinces, and worked in the Department of Military Engineering as a supervisor of many groups in the six wars or during the Saudi-American aggression on Homeland, in addition to his cultural work and military rehabilitation in many aspects

Opinions of his Family and his Companions

The opinion of his family: His family says that the martyr, Hamdi Hataba ,was like the rest of the family struggling patiently, and distinguished from the rest of his family with his kindness, his fun and his love for others, which made him make a lot of friends
The martyr – may Allah have mercy on him – was intelligent  and quick-awake, knows how to  treat others , and  to convince them smoothly

The companions of the Martyr: The companions of the Martyr said that: The martyr, Hamdi Hataba , was very patient, didn’t  not panic in the embarrassing circumstances, a praised Allah  a lot , trusted in Allah and his victory and support strongly, and instilled confidence and patience in the hearts of comrades, and turned their difficult conditions to the times of frequent praises of Allah
They added that he was characterized by high intelligence , and  great military leadership, and with his patience and concentration ; he was able to inflict the enemy very painful blows on various fronts, to thwart many of the advances and to inflict the enemy heavy losses , especially in the terms of heavy equipment, who had a long and high experience to turn the huge mechanisms to the ashes

His jihadist Deeds

The martyr took many tasks as a commander of the team of places mines in front of the AL-Farsh  in Saada, the front of Sufyan, and the fronts of AL-Jawf, and took charge of  the Sufyan groups during the Saudi-American aggression

The Story of his Martyrdom

After taking charge of Sufyan groups in the battles in Al-Jawf province with the Saudi-American aggression, the martyr was constantly inspecting the military suspicion and the Mujahideen in the front rows to find out their needs and provide them with their needs. In one visit, one of the hypocrites, paid fighters, of the Saudi-Intelligence , opened fire on him and his comrades in his car, then he rose as a martyr and joined the great martyrs, after inflicting trampling Allah’s enemies

The Martyr’s Will

The martyr recommended his comrades to praise , seek forgiveness and return to Allah, being  patient  in embarrassing situations, moving hard to spread the religion of Allah, and confronting the enemies of Allah  from the Zionists Jews and Americans terrorists , as well as their traitor agents

The martyr stressed to his comrades that victory is  for of the steadfast believers, and that the enemy will be defeated regardless of the possession of the mechanisms of  killing and destroying, calling on everyone to assume responsibility and the obeying absolutely to Allah , his prophet (Mohammed ,peace be upon him) and to the leadership of the leader ,Sayyad. Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi