In Pictures: The General Women’s Cultural Commission in the Municipality of the Capital Commemorates the Martyrdom of the Leader Martyr

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

The women of the capital of Sana’a flocked into the Balqis hall on Monday to commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of the martyr Hussein Badruddin al-Houthi, peace be upon him, which was held under the slogan “Your cheer will continue to be an appointment to meet in the promised land.”

During the event, many speeches were given in which the participants mentioned the march of the leader martyr and great sacrifices that were made to this nation a path of pride and dignity when he shouted with the right word in the face of the arrogant to be his loud cry with what all the freemen’s cheer to be a signal of new dawn

Also In the event , a scene and a theater were presented, whereas participants presented a presentation of scenes representing some of the great actions that the supporters of the march whom  their noble blood that have set us a platform for the Yemenis and everyone who walked on the path so that they make finest victories today, which trampled the noses of tyrants and arrogant

The event ended with the voices and chants of the Yemeni women, who are glorified by the women, who pledge the covenant and the promise that they will walk in the path of truth and in the approach of the good guys, and that they will carry out a weapon of dignity until the nation wins and frees itself from the clutches of aggression and its tools, announcing their constant backing of battlefronts with men and money