Commemoration of the Leader Martyr Hussein Badr al-Din al-Huthi at the University of Sana’a and a Seminar under the Slogan ((Leader Martyr is the Spirit of Revolution and the Mystery of Stability))

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

A seminar entitled “The Leader Martyr is the Spirit of  the Revolution and the Mystery of Stability ” was held today at the Faculty of Medicine at Sana’a University
on the occasion of the commemoration of martyr Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, which was organized by the University of Sana’a in cooperation with the Academic and Health Unit, the University Student Forum and “Legists in the Face of the Aggression ” Batch .

At the seminar , Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research professor . Abdullah Al-Shami pointed out the importance of the occasion to evoke some of the values ​​and meanings brought by the leader martyr and the formation of the Quran project after the events of September 11 and the launching of the American colonial project under various names such as the fight against terrorism and others

He also praised morals and visions of the leader martyr in the dimensions, plots and plans of American Zionist aggression on Yemen , explaining that the leader martyr focused on the importance of detecting the real enemy and  its tools in the region and comforting it with various ways, especially AL-Sharkhah ( cry)  in the face of the oppressors, the arrogant and calling for stopping buying American and Zionist goods

Professor . Al-Shami pointed out that the leader martyr ‘s vision is to rebuild the education system in a way that contributes to build a generation linked to Allah Almighty

The  head of the tribal cohesion , Sheikh Daifallah Rasam, confirmed  the importance of confronting aggression and providing support for men on the fronts of pride, dignity and honor in defense of Yemen and its security and stability

He praised the forerunners and morals of the leader martyr as he made sacrifices in disseminating  science and jihad for Allah’s sake and facing tyrants and arrogant  , pointing to the importance of adhering to the constitution of mankind ” the Holy Quran” “Which  includes all the concepts of life and human rights , in addition to distinguishing the ways of good and evil

After that, the seminar’s activities started ,the first one entitled  “Constitutional and Legal of the leader Martyr’s Movement “presented by the professor of political systems at the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Professor. Amin al-Ghish in which he reviewed the association of the movement to democracy and the constitution of Yemeni unity based on the political system on the basis of multiparty political and freedom of expression

Al-Ghish discussed a number of principles, values ​​and constitutional  articles that guarantee the right of personal citizenship and respecting the freedom of expression and thought of anyone

While Professor . Mohammed Abdullah Taqi dealt with the paper entitled “The impact of the Leader Martyr in the Industry Legend of the steadfastness of the Yemeni Man “during which he passed on the martyr project in Jihad and resistance ,redemption, sacrifice,  procrastination, and making a generation capable of standing in front of the most powerful war machine ,the American-Saudi aggression on Yemen

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Sana’a, Professor . Fahmi Al-Aghbari presented the paper entitled “Forward Vision of the Leader Martyr about the US Plan to Target the Region and “Early Reflection in Reality  ” ,in which he reviewed the moments passed by the martyr in the stages of his life and his ability to consider the bitter reality of the nation , so that he recognized and determined the treatment because of being responsible of facing the danger

The seminar was attended by Deputy Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training Professor . Khalid Al-Hawali and Head of the University professor . Fawzi Al-Sagheer, Executive Director, Skills Development Fund Aziz al-Hajj, a number of deans of colleges , heads of universities, thinkers and researchers