The Martyrs Foundation Launches the School Bag Project in a Large Festival Attended by Supporters and Sons and Daughters of martyrs Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

Martyrs Foundation-Sana’a

Martyrs  Foundation for the Care and Rehabilitation of Martyrs ‘Families inaugurated on Saturday, 3 Muharram 1439H, in the capital of Sana’a, the integrated school bag project for the sons and daughters of martyrs who attended school in all provinces in a large ceremony attended by supporters and a large number of martyrs’ sons and daughters

The ceremony was started by verses of the Holy Quran ,read by Professor Abdullah Al-Houthi, then gave a welcome speech of  the Foundation of martyrs was delivered by Mr. Abdul Salam Talabi, the official of the educational department of the foundation ,whereas he welcomed the attendees , the supporters and relatives of martyrs, stressing that the school bag project is one of the projects of the educational department which aimed at the sons and daughters of martyrs who enrolled in schools ;in addition, there are many educational projects targeting the sons and daughters of martyrs, whether enrolled in schools or graduates and enrolled in universities

Al-Talbi confirmed that the school bag is complete and includes notebooks, pens and other student supplies ,which will be distributed through an organized mechanism that includes all sons and daughters of martyrs who attend school from boys and girls

Al-Talabi appreciated the efforts of the supporters of the school bag project, who have bear their responsibilities in front of Allah  and their society by paying attention to the best segments of society, namely the sons , daughters, families  of martyrs

The ceremony included speeches by the guests and supporters, as well as the sons and daughters of the martyrs, the students. The student, Abdulmagheith Abdullah Al-Najjar, gave a speech on behalf of the martyrs’ sons and daughters, in which he affirmed that they will  continue in the path of their parents , and that they will continue to study in order to improve themselves to be a front which the enemies of the homeland do their best to defeat it . He also greeted on behalf of all the martyrs’ sons and daughters to the Martyrs Foundation for their great services for the families of the martyrs and their sons and daughters

The Director General of the Skills Development, Fund ,gave a speech in which he stressed the need to pay attention to families of martyrs and rehabilitation in various fields, especially in the educational department  to have a clear imprint and a large role in society

In a statement to Professor Ali Abbas, Director General of the Office of the Minister of Education speech confirmed that the ministry will pay attention to the children of martyrs and their families, calling on everyone to take care of this segment

Mr. Fuad Abdullah Al-Shami, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education ,stressed the need to pay attention to the families of the martyrs ,and that the government agencies and institutions should pay attention to the families of the martyrs, appreciating the role played by the foundation towards the families of martyrs

The ceremony included a “chanting” that tells about the martyr and his heroines, as well as the status enjoyed by the martyr and his family among the community ,which was impressed  by the attendees

For his part, the head of the institution’s branch in the Secretariat, Mr. Hussein Al-Qadi, gave the occasion speech in which he stressed the need for all government agencies, organizations and society to cooperate in caring for the families of the martyrs. The Martyrs Foundation is doing what it can to serve the martyrs’ families in all fields

Al-Qadi explained that the foundation encourages the families of the martyrs to provide their sons and daughters to education ,so that all sons and daughters of the martyrs can study easily

At the end of the ceremony, the leadership of the Foundation and supporters and some sons and daughters of martyrs provided school bags for present students from several provinces, headed by the Secretariat and the province of Sana’a, Saada, Taiz, and displaced, whereas about 400 school bags were distributed

The foundation will distribute school bags to all sons and daughters of martyrs enrolled in schools in  the provinces of the Republic through the delegates of the foundation in the provinces and districts during this week, whereas the foundation confirmed that the new academic year will not start, while all the sons and daughters of martyrs received the integrated bags