The Educational Department Concludes its Meeting with Educators, Stressing the Activation of Follow-up and Supervision to Improve the Children of Martyrs Educationally and Culturally and Distribution of School Bags… on the Occasion of the New Academic Year

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

The educational departement of the foundation concluded the second meeting with the educational staff in the branches of the provinces, which dealt with a package of educational topics targeted  , coincide with the new academic year and the start of the coordination process for the academic year, to get free seats for relatives of martyrs in public and private universities and the announcement of the integrated school bag project, which will be distributed to all children of martyrs enrolled in schools in all regions, which will be accompanied by the beginning of distribution celebrations to launch the project in the capitals of the provinces, according to a unified program next week

Professor Abdul Salam Talabi, the educational department official, praised the blessed efforts of the educational staff in the branches of the foundation in the provinces

Al-Talabi stressed the importance of activating the follow-up and supervision aspect of the educational work in general, and that everyone should have the spirit of loyalty to the martyrs ‘families in recognition of the sacrifices of their martyrs and to place the children of the martyrs in the priorities of the educational work and activate the role of martyrs’ parents and educators in providing Quranic lessons in the mosques, In performance and commitment in their community

Calling for concerting efforts to improve the educational work and preparation of programs through which the work will be organized and provide the environment for field descent work coincided with the start of the new school year

At the end of the two-day meeting, the school bags were distributed to the branch officials with the literature on the inauguration and the work of the exchange to be handed over to the children of the martyrs enrolled in schools in all regions of the provinces next week. The final copies of the students were also handed over to relatives of martyrs who wish to continue their university education