Martyrs Foundation _ Sana’a Branch- Launches the School Bag Distribution Project at the Cultural Center in Sana’a

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a Province

Martyrs  Foundation for the Welfare and Rehabilitation of the Families of the martyrs _ Sana’a Branch, Sunday, 11/1/2013, corresponding to 1/10/2017 in Sana’a, launched an integrated school bag project for the children of martyrs who attended schools in all districts of the province in a big ceremony which was attended by a big number of the martyrs’ parents and children

 It was started by verses from the Holy Quran  by Mr. / Daif Allah AL-Bar

Then a welcomed speech was given by Mr. Abdulsalam AL-Talibi , the Educational Department  Official in the foundation, in which he welcomed the attendances , taking lessons from Ahuraa, when the prophet Mohemmed’s grandson, Imam Huessin, was killed , stressing the importance of comforting the challenges and misleading , adding that  the school bag project is one of the projects of the educational department that targets the children of the martyrs who attend school , and there are many educational projects targeted the martyrs children either those who attended schools or facilities or graduates

Talabi confirmed that the school bag is integrated and will be distributed through an organized mechanism that includes all children of martyrs enrolled in schools of boys and girls
Al-Talabi appreciated the efforts of the supporters of the school bag project, who have taken their responsibilities in front of Allah  and their society by paying attention to the best segments of society, namely the children and families of martyrs

In the ceremony, Mr. Sadiq Radman spoke about the martyrdom and the concept of  martyrdom for the sake of Allah and defending the land and the honor, calling on everyone to stand firm and steadfastly and to provide the fronts with all kinds of generosity

Furthermore,  a speech was  delivered on behalf of the martyrs’ children by student Mohammed Mohsen al-Razzaqi, in which he affirmed their continued approach to follow the path of their  parents ,and that they will continue studying  and making themselves as a front  in the face of the homeland’s enemies .He also greeted  a on behalf of all the martyrs’ children  to the Martyrs Foundation _ Sana’a branch- for its great services for the families of the martyrs

Mr. Amin Sinan Al-Jalal, Deputy Director of the Education Office in Sana’a, delivered a speech in which he stressed the need to pay attention to the families of martyrs and rehabilitation in various fields, especially in the educational aspect to have a clear imprint and a large role in society,
confirming  that the Office of Education in the province will pay attention to the children and the  families of martyrs and exempt them from all tuition fees in honor of the great martyrs as the least duty towards the sacrifices and heroines on all fronts of honor , pride and dignity, calling on everyone to pay attention to this segment

During the ceremony, a poem was given by Mr. Ibrahim Hamiduddin, who spoke about the sacrifices of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and his heroism in the face of tyranny, evil and degeneration, as well as the prestige enjoyed by the great martyrs and their families among the community

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Abdul Salam Al Talabi, Head of the Educational Department of the Foundation, Mr. Jubran Al Shaikh, Head of the Media Section of the Foundation , Mr. Sadeq Durman, on the Martyrs’ Fathers and Mr. Amin Sinan Al Ajji, Deputy Director of Sana’a Education Office, Educational Officer,distributed the school bags to the students present from the directorates of Sana’a province, whereas about 160 school bags were distributed for the attendees from the martyrs’ children of the total of 1894. school bag for all directorates

The Martyrs Foundation _ Sana’a Branch -will distribute school bags to all children of martyrs who are enrolled in schools in all districts, through the Foundation’s delegates in the directorates