Coinciding with the Beginning of the New School Year … Al-Mahweet Province Launches the School Bag Project for Children of Martyrs in the Province

Martyrs Foundation- Al – Mahweet

 Sheikh Abdul Salam Al-Dhmari and Sheikh Yahya Abdu Ibrahim , today, launched in a number of schools in the province the project of distributing the school bag to the childern of martyrs
provided by the Martyrs Foundation,

In the event, they  affirmed that the gift given to the children of the martyrs is symbolic and one of the loyalty initiatives for the righteous martyrs who sacrificed their lives cheaply ,so that the rest of the children will enjoy the grace of fatherhood and tenderness

They  pointed out that every father and mother are parents for every martyr’s child ,brother ,or relative ,and that the society will remain loyal and generous towards the sacrifices made by the martyrs for the sake of Allah and supporting the vulnerable

The school bag contains the various forms of educational materials, whereas today the educational process for a new academic year began